Eco-Certificate presentation

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By Dave Stell
Aug 18, 2010 - 1:21:15 PM

Andrew Ross, APBOT Executive Director Kathy McKay and Pres. Jason Cameron learn about the materials used in the bag processing from Ms. Wehrle.

Indaco Manufacturing joins APBOT Eco-Business

Alison Wehrle and Richard Dance accepted the APBoT Eco-Business Eco Certificate on Wednesday, Aug. 18 for Indaco Manufacturing, manufacturer of the popular Bag-to-Nature biodegradable compost bags.
Alison Wehrle explains the use of a key piece of equipment in the bag making process to Jason Cameron.

Ms. Wehrle provided a tour of their Pickering site on Brock Road where demand has increased for their product with new and expanded deals with Costco in Canada, and Wal-Mart and Target in the U.S. She showed 2010 APBoT president Jason Cameron and Environment Task Force member Andrew Ross the facility, the materials and the process they follow to make the bio-degradable bags.
Richard Dance and Alison Wehrle of Indaco, accept the Eco-Business Certificate from 2010 APBOT President Jason Cameron and Andrew Ross, representing the Board's Environment Task Force.

Breaking down the process and examining the final product.

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